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In my travels to Birmingham Alabama

When I was a young man, I traveled the highways of the United States in search of something tying me to this great land of ours. Gasoline was cheaper back then and the American roadtrip was still something that people could afford to do on a whim. As I made my way from California to Birmingham Alabama, I saw a lot of nothing and even more nothing in the strip malls that began to litter the countryside; the very ones that you see decaying now. I travelled and I saw some beauty in the Oak Mountain State Park, I saw architecture of notability in the Hoover Metroplex and the Pelham Civic Center and I saw the misuse of the free range that the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail occupied. Among these landmarks in the mud-ridden roads of the Alabama back country I saw nothing and so many more local attractions get more info here .

Traveling to Las Vegas


My journey took me away from Birmingham Alabama and led me to the sin and sun of Las Vegas. Like I said before, traveling the States back in those days meant I could make it across the country on less than $200 in gas. That meant that Las Vegas wasn't as far as it is now and traveling to Las Vegas was a delight. Not too much has changed in Las Vegas since then. It's still rampant with vices and lices and not a place that I would ever stay, but am always happy to leave a story in. Traveling to Las Vegas is how I discovered what I wanted and what kind of man I could be and for that, I will always have a special place in my heart for Sin City if you want more info about Las Vegas you can read more here.

Going to Canada and having fun

Travelling to Canada is an experience of a lifetime so most visitors try to cram in as much activity as they can into their trip. Travelers from Asia especially love to try out the Canadian casinos and during the tourist season, the casinos can become very active with visitors. Besides the great casino action in Canada, the other attractions are the beautiful vistas, clean and crisp air and the friendliness of its inhabitants.

Canada is also a wonderful place to practice your French or English as both languages are used all throughout this beautiful nation. Travelling by car through Canada can be an exciting experience and will open up a lot of little out of the way places to you explorers out there, but remember that driving on snow and ice is a learned skill. Obey the traffic laws and be very careful on a snow covered road as ice could be hiding beneath.

Travel to Canada is very affordable and you can pack a lot of excitement into only a few days of visiting. Check out some of the major hiking and skiing or just relax in the city and check out the 5 star restaurants and bistros that Ontario has to offer.